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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blue Skies

Sometimes it's the little things that can really make your day. I arrived late to the gym today with both kids in tow and had the once again humiliating experience of informing them that I still hadn't found my member card so could they please check me in without it. I won't go into how I find it totally annoying that they charge $5 for a new laminated card like it's some sort of huge hassle and cost to whip one up for a customer that has paid a gazillion dollars to join their fine establishment. And that I had already shelled out the $5 a few months ago for being a frazzled space head. Well as I was leaving the very pleasant receptionist told me they found my card! Yeah I know this is about as minimal as you can go in the great moments in life but it was like a giant annoying hole in my life was filled with the missing card. Somebody probably found it lying on the floor somewhere between the gym and my car when Ithought I shoved it into my back pocket in another harried Mom moment. Cross that pain in the butt off my list. The icing on the cake of perfection was a perfect episode of All My Children today while I was suffering on the treadmill. All the answers revealed. Tad was purposely lying all along in a clever plan that even I did not see to save Dixie. Zach revealed how he got the disc. These are important things people! Unfortunately I had to miss the last 10 minutes of the show but don't worry, I'll catch up on the episode update site. As if life couldn't be more perfect I dragged the kids to the yuppie food co-op in town that just started carrying my jewelry last month after 20 years of me waiting for them to make room for my non essential non food items. They were half sold out and ordered a ton more.
But don't hate me because I am an annoying upbeat happy person with a perfect life. I did get to have an annoying conversation with someone at the park. In case you haven't seen the pictures of my family or know us yet, our kids are adopted from Korea and Nick and I don't look anything like them. I expect people to notice our family and be curious. I like talking about my kids and adoption. But is it really socially acceptable to ask within 5 minutes of meeting me if my kids are "real" ,"natural" or in today's awkward phrase, "blood brothers"? Is it OK if I ask you if your kids all have the same daddy and if there is a personal and private experience that they had early in their life that you would like to share with me right now? Oh , what's your name again? I mean if it is OK then I guess I'm just an oversensitive, uptight freak and I'll get with the program. Since this experience occurs only about once a month I am willing to believe that it may just be me and that the entire world is not made up of weirdos, but then again...
Well in the honor of my almost perfect day I posted my blue sky, shiny, happy, cheery and bright glass earrings.
Here is the link to them on our Etsy shop if you should feel the need to share in the joy and own them.

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WalkerMom said...

I really like the blue skies earrings. They are very similar to a pair you sent me for my birthday a few years ago. Anyone reading this should know, this is GREAT jewelry, beautifully made and fun to wear. I'm always getting compliments on it. I also have one of the beautiful, hanging vases. Again, a beautiful piece. Keep up the great work!