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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Barrettes,Floam and Shoes

Now that the Holiday Market is over I've been able to list new things on Etsy. This week I started listing some of our Aluminum Barrettes. There will be more to come in other sizes and colors. They are made possible through the miracle of E 6000, the perfect glue for the job.They haven't sold yet but I did have an astounding amount of sales this morning of other things which put me in glorious mood.
I have also had time to indulge Henry in "projects".He has been bugging me to buy him Floam ever since he saw the ad on Nick Jr. For those of you who don't taint your children with the evils of television and Nick Jr.and have no idea what I am talking about, it is this bubbly gooey colorful sticky stuff that they show attaching to all sorts of objects from doll house furniture to dinosaur models.You can let it dry or keep it in it's container. Basically like play doh but with styrofoam bubbles in it. I had read somewhere that you can make your own floam so I googled it and sure enough there it was:
Make your own Imitation Floam
Even more miraculously we had all the ingredients on hand for instant gratification. It involved breaking down some styrofoam into it's individual tiny little balls of foam. That was a tedious and messy job in which I ended up doing most of it and Henry got bored quickly. Half way through I re read instructions and saw they recommended grating it. Much to Nick's chagrin,I used our cheese grater. After mixing the elmers glue and borax and water and the foam pellets and then readjusting the recipe to make it the right consisitency we ended up with a cottage cheese looking pile of floamy goo that i tried to make into a snowman.

Later we bought some bright and nasty food coloring which Henry enjoyed adding to the floam.It made our hands blue/green but eventually washed off. I am still mesmerized by the squishy, lumpy stuff that we keep in a zip lock bag but Henry has pretty much lost all interest. I'm glad I didn't give into the allure of the $20 plus shipping and handling advertised floam.

The other highlight in the past week of my life is the awesome Christmas present my wonderful mother-in-law gave me- a very generous amount in gift certificate to . It is an online large shoe store with free shipping including for all returns. After wasting hours and hours of my precious time looking through possibly thousands of pictures of shoes I ordered 3 pairs. I spent one evening looking at 179 pages of just wide shoes. Two out three pairs fit which is pretty good for my freakish wide short fred flinstone feet with an unusually low placed ankle that tends to blister on most shoes. I was able to print out the return mailing label easily and so far it all seems to be working out smoothly.But now I have more money to spend and even more precious hours of my life to be spent in a shoe haze while ignoring my children and husband.


WalkerMom said...

Floam! What a concept. Walker too, has been wanting it since seeing it on Nick Jr. We finally broke down and got him a small tub. It is absolutely the WORST stuff ever. Nothing like they show in the commercial. It even stuck to wax paper and was very difficult to wash off our hands. I'm glad the home made version was better. Glad you didn't waste the money like we did. But at least now we know. Have I mentioned I hate Floam?

Felice Luftschein said...

I was going to blog about it but i'll just rant here:
I hate the Mousetrap game! It never works,has too many messed up parts and is basically a giant pain in the butt annoying game that you think will be fun but isn't.

WalkerMom said...

I've got another "think will be fun, but isn't" toy... Dr Dreadful's Freaky Food Lab. Ugh! Nothing good at all to say about this thing. My sis and I did like Mousetrap as kids, but I can see how it would be annoying as the parent.

Anonymous said...

Where's the picture of the freakish foot?