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Thursday, January 10, 2008

I got new pliers, I got new pliers!

After our big successful holiday season we decided we needed to spend some of that hard earned money on some new tools. Of course Nick is always ready to buy some new tools but it took me a while to get with the plan. I've been really attached to my crappy old pliers that I've had for probably 15 years and I was raised by the cheapest parents on earth ( I mean frugal and clever Mom and Dad- really!)
So we broke out the Rio Grande catalogue and made some purchases (that can be put towards our softening our tax burden.)

These are the heavy duty big Swanstrom made in the USA round nose pliers.($56!-I could crap in my pants from spending that much money on a pair of pliers). I'll be using these on the big aluminum wire (when I remember I have them) for those large curves.

These are my old cutters. The ones on the left are the special heavy duty pair that Nick customized for me for the big aluminum wire. They work great and I will still use those exclusively for the aluminum.

These are the new cutters. On the left are the Swanstrom micro super flush cutters for a mere $37. (Sarcasm there from the cheapest woman on earth- me.) On the right are the Xuron micro shear flush cutters also made in the USA. They cost less ($18) than the Swanstrom and work fine but the tip doesn't come to as fine a point. My tiny fat man hands prefer the micro shears because they fit completely into the palm of my hand the way I like my pliers to be.

These are my pathetic old flat nose pliers. I don't even know what brand they are. The black handled ones on the left are my faves. The sad pair on the right with the really messed up handle were for when I misplaced my fave ones, which happens often on my crazy messy desk.

But these are the new glorious professional pliers. On far left are the Swanstrom micro chain nose, ($26)the Xuron in the middle and the extra fine needle chain nose Swanstrom($32) on the right.
They all do a fine job but my preference is for the swanstrom micro chain nose. Again, they fit perfectly into the palm of my hand and are light weight. They come to a nice point. You would think that the finer pointed tipped ones on the right would come in the micro shear handle size but instead the larger sized handle pair has the finer tip. The smaller micro pair have a nice small point to but it's not aa small as the larger handled ones. The Xuron are nice and thin nosed but don't come to a clean point. they have a slightly square tip.They also feel a little flimsier than the others. I guess that's why they cost less.

Here is a close up of the tips. In this picture the Swanstrom micro chain nose are on the far left and the swanstrom needle chain nose are in the middle.the Xuron chain nose are on the left. I realize now that we bought the Xurons from Thunderbird Jewelry Suppy, not Rio Grande.

I just got some new beads too that I will blog about in the future.

Now for some kid related stuff.

Max decided it was time to eat his nasty old gingerbread house that already didn't have any candy on it since he ate the candy before it even got onto the house. Henry, the nostalgiac horder will probably keep his in the gallery of old gingerbread houses and other miscellania from his childhood (next to the toilet seat he won't let us throw out because he "loves it"and the stickers he put on it two years ago) until he is an old man .
This is the view out our living room window.I was standing in front of it holding Max and he said "The tree looks like a dinosaur Mommy."
He's right.
Here's the close up-

See it now? He has his mouth open and has a hand with a finger pointing.The branches of the tree even look like the scales sticking up.
See it?
The kid's a genius I tell you...


WalkerMom said...

Nice, new tools. Max is right. That tree really does look like a dinosaur. Max is really growing up. He doesn't look like a baby anymore. He's looking very "big boy" now.

Lizard said...

I could totally see the dino without the close up. that kid is a genius.

Your description of Henry had me giggling. I mean, just calling him the nostalgic hoarder was funny enough, but the gallery... giggling, I tell you.

love the tools. I am a total junkie for new work equipment of any sort. I was also the kid who loved (and still does) new school supplies. Yummmm.

Lizard said...

the tools are cool. I love new work equipment of any sort... I was the kid who so loved school supplies. Oh, wait, I still do.

I saw the dino even without the close up. it is totally obvious. brilliant child.

and your description of Henry... nostalgic hoarder... the gallery.. the toilet seat.... I am just giggling about it. seriously, giggling.

Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

Yep, pure genius. That is really cool, actually. And I'm happy for you on the pliers, even if I can't exactly share the excitement!