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Monday, May 25, 2009

Gogo and Yin Yang

Nephrite Green Jade Gogo and Black Onyx Swirl Earrings
Here's another new addition to our Etsy shop made from British Columbian Nephrite Jade beads I bought earlier this year. They call this shape "Gogo".
$14 in the Stone Earrings/Pendants section of our shop.

This is a brand spankin' new design I came up with a couple of nights ago, listed in our shop yesterday and sold today. Woo hoo! I love that! It's simple yet so balanced hence the name:
Yin Yang Harmony Aluminum Shawl Pin/ Hair Pin

I was especially motivated to come up with a new design because we just discovered someone copying 3 of my shawl pins and selling them in their Etsy shop. While somewhat flattering to be "discovered' as successful and worth copying it was pretty shocking to stumble upon exact copies of my designs that I worked pretty hard to come up with. The titles were even strikingly similar. I normally don't believe most people when they say someone is copying them when the designs are pretty common with commonly used beads. But these are complex wire work designs that are clearly being ripped off.
So in an effort to stay ahead of the copycat, I'll keep creating (and give her some more ideas
to steal).
And so a lovely holiday weekend winds down with chocolate chip cookies and some playdates.


LauraRN said...

How DARE someone steal your beautiful designs!!!! btw-- I've linked your Etsy site in my blog because I love your work so much. Keep up the great work, and get after that thief!!!!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

that is rotten someone did that to you guys. karma is a you-know-what though, so they will get theirs!


Anonymous said...

Copying just kicks you in the pit of your stomach when you find it, and it sucks.

But the best part is the motivation that comes afterwards, challenging yourself to come up with something even better. Kudos for not letting it get you down.

I want one of those hair pins too!! Perfect timing, it's starting to get hot around here!