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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The lazy flower garden


When we first bought our place about 16 years ago I had grand ambitions and lots more free time.And I knew nothing about gardening. I took mostly free or cheap plants from friends and neighbors.And now years later when I am too lazy and busy to put any effort into it these hardy perennials keep coming back without any help from me.

Little did I know how disgustingly stinky daisies are.


I love these daylillies! I seriously never water them or do anything but weed a little early in the spring.


I can’t remember what these are called . Some sort of hardy bluebell?


The reseeding foxgloves that always surprise me every couple of years by reappearing just when I thought I wouldn’t see them again.


I can’t remember what this lovely purple stuff is but as long it requires nothing from me I’m happy to have it.


These I could do without. The Canadian Thistle. Ouch!


Thisi s my non lazy super hero husband putting in our new vinyl floor.What a difference!


Shell said...

Beautiful flowers! The only ones I can seem to grow are those shortish yellow ones that crop up now and then...dandelions, I think they are called.

And for sure your hubby is certainly not allowed the moniker of "lazy" for the job he did in the kitchen. Looks like it was really a chore, requiring the movement of major appliances and bending over for hours. That is a hero's work. He got the hero's pay, too, right? ;)

monkeys always look said...

I think what is more amazing then all the flowers and Nick putting in the floor are all the boxes of cereal on the counter---impressive!!!

Felice Luftschein said...

Why Allison,thanks for noticing!In our pathetic attempt to find something our kids will eat,our inability to say "no" and of course my own love of sugary cereal we have amassed quite a collection indeed of half eaten cereal.

Shelley- I think dandelions count.