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Saturday, March 09, 2013

New design- Celtic Braid Shawl Pin or Hair Pin

I love the thrill of messing around with ideas, messing up a bunch of times and

coming up with something totally unexpected from the mistakes. That’s how I

ended up with this new design –The Celtic Braid Shawl Pin / Hair Pin

I’m usually at a loss for coming up with a good name for my designs so I asked my

genius friends who have become our virtual co- workers on our favorite Etsy Team-

The Full Time Etsy Crafters for some naming help and they instantly came up with

the Celtic Braid. They agreed it looks like a fern frond or vine of some sort too.

But I stuck with the Celtic Braid since it works so well with the overall Celtic theme

of so much of our shop and work.

I plan to add the smaller silver version as a pin and I have some earring ideas too.

Now to get it all done. …

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