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Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Valentine Virus

It's been quite a while since I last blogged because we have been constantly busy and completely fatigued due to an evil virus that has invaded our household. Poor little Max has been stricken with a virus that has created horrible bloody open blistery sores in his mouth. There is nothing quite so unnerving, stressful and sad as to see your sweet happy little toddler screaming in pain every few minutes as he obsessively chews down on the wounds in his mouth. He has literally fallen to the floor in pain. But he's such a good natured guy that after the moment passes he gets back up and continues playing happily until the next burst of pain occurs. The only cure is time and pain killers to help relieve some of the suffering. Nick and I have our own versions of this virus in our throats. I have been coughing for what seems like every few minutes for over a week now. This is after I had finally gotten over my 2 month cough. My doctor told me "now that you are older -no offense- it takes longer to get over these things." Thanks.
Henry hasn't caught it yet and has been annoyed at how lame we all are. He said he wishes he had another Mommy, Daddy and Baby who aren't sick.
Yet we have been quite productive and have had good sales on Etsy and elsewhere. Nick has been working on all sorts of cool stuff that you see on his blog.
One of our best sellers this week has predictably been these Red Millefiore Hearts with Fresh Water Pearls Earrings:

The other dragonfly earrings were a creative burst I had recently. They haven't sold yet but I still like them.
Here's a picture of the happy loving brothers. They get along well most if the time, when they aren't pounding on each other.
Now I shall return to my hacking cough and phlegm production.
Happy Valentine's Day! (wanna kiss?)


Anonymous said...

nice :)

WalkerMom said...

The earrings are beautiful. Sorry to hear you guys aren't feeling well.

from the north woods said...

Henry's line about getting rid of the sick family is classic. there's something downright hilarious about the unrehearsed and candid emotion of the 3-4 year old. i'd like to start a book of these kinds of remarks. marcel told me the other day, "i like you, but i like mommy best".

from the north woods said...

Henry's line about getting rid of the sick family is classic. I'd like to fill a book with these kinds of remarks. I'm amazed by the unrehearsed and candid emotions. Marcel said the other day to me, "I like you, but I like mommy the best".