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Thursday, April 05, 2007


Happy Birthday Max!. He turned 2 on Tuesday April 3rd. His big brother has been saving the "4" candle from his birthday cake in November and insisted we use it on Max's. He intends to use it on every birthday for the rest of his life until he is a "man".

The official mauling of the cake using the candles as implements of destruction and occasionally as a fork.

In order to meet the requirements as a good mother I purchased once again the official Paas egg dying kit. I stuck to the basic simple kit instead of all the fancy new ones they've come up with with different themes like motor vehicles. Call me a traditionalist.

Here's the set up with the over excited boy who was whining for days to do this project.

I curse you lame egg holder that either squeezes the egg too tight that it cracks or else the sucker flies out of it. Of course as a wire worker I could have come up with some sort of ingenuous device to hold the egg properly while dipping. But I was too lazy to take this any further. I'll curse instead.

Now that's a good egg.
Henry thought all the cracked ones were perfect for eatting right away. Of course my picky eater removed the yellow yummy yolk of each one and ate only the whites. Note to self: that's how you stay so thin.

Here is the festive final product.
There may be a special place in hell for me for this all inclusive misappropriation of ritual or else I have all my bases covered. But it looks so pretty.

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