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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Twenty years ago today...

Today, April Fool's Day, is our 20th Anniversary. We dug through our photo albums and Nick scanned a couple of pictures of us from that first year together. He has a more flattering one of me in his blog. I look like I have some sort of weird blotchy tumour growing on my nose which I think I would remember if I really did have a weird blotchy tumour on my nose at some point in my life.
Ahhh so young a fresh (and blotchy) we were back then. We seem to have matching khaki's and I believe that is a tie dye headband in my hair that inadvertantly matches Nick's groovy tie dye. All I can say is thank god for the advances in the past 20 years in hair products for girls with Jewish frizzy hair. And thank you Clairol for helping me to maintain the illusion that 40 is the new 30.

In honour of this special day we went to the coast and went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.The kids were well behaved and Max didn't have a single tantrum or meltdown. Maneuvering the cheapo Kolcraft double stroller was a challenge. The wheels seem to prefer to run perpendicular to the direction one is intending to go.

This picture was taken after Max peed on me while I was trying to do a stealth stand up diaper change.
Max was entranced by the fish in the very cool walk through giant tunnel aquarium.
There was a girl on her cell phone in the middle of it saying, "Can you hear me now?"

They had a little kids play area with stuff like this to play on.
We were done in only 2 hours and the day was sunny and lovely so we headed off to the beach. As we descended down the cliff walkway to the beach , the icey wind ripped into my ears and reminded me of why I'm really not a fan of the Oregon Beach outside the comfort of my car. The views are lovely, the wind is brutal. But of course the kids had fun and we'll have to return for a better prepared extended visit with lots of pails and shovels for proper sand castle building. And a big warm hat and parka for me.

I couldn't do a blog post without hawking at least one item. I randomly relisted a hanging vase yesterday and within an hour we got two large orders for assorted hanging vases. One was from Kansas and the other was from Oklahoma. Some sort of weird Middle America vortex found my vases and felt compelled to purchase simultaneously making a happy afternoon for me.
This Wide Flat With Purple Accents Hanging Vase was one of the ones purchased and now relisted.
They make unusual Mother's Day gifts for the right Mom.
Happy Anniversary Nick! I love you more than ever!


Michele said...

Happy Anniversary Felice and Nick! I love the picture from your first year of married bliss! Ahhh didn't we all look much different those many moons ago!
The boys are adorable! Sorry about the pee!
Congrats on your vase orders.

Michele said...

Happy Anniversary Felice and Nick!
I love the picture from your first year of marital bliss!
The boys are as cute as ever. Sorry about the pee!
Congrats on a couple of great orders!