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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Doubt and stuff

This weekend has been a reminder not to get too cocky and expect success. The weather was perfect, the football game had a perfect late kickoff time of 4pm and it seemed like it would be a good weekend at the market. Wrong wrong wrong.
I've done better in the rain. Then to top it off and push the self doubt to completion we sold absolutely nothing online for two days all weekend. nada, zilch,big fat zero. Big losers. The self employment and self esteem roller coaster took the downhill plunge. That's like a "self" sandwich between employment and esteem all rolled into one tasteless bitter disappointing snack. Perhaps I'm being a bit dramatic.
So I am holding off on the giant glass supplies order I was about to make until I feel confident again that I will indeed be selling lots of stuff soon.
This upcoming weekend is the Corvallis Fall Festival. We will once again be selling in our regular pretty good spot across from the "real" Fall Festival at the First Christian Church Craft Fair that cleverly takes place on the same weekend and much to the ire of the "real" Fall Festival is almost impossible to discern from the "real" Fall Festival where the participants pay significantly more in fees for the privilege of being juried "artists". (The word "artist" said in snooty, self righteous tone.) My expectations are now properly lowered for the weekend sales.

We added the Aluminum Widget Pendant and these Black Stone and Fresh Water Pearl Swirl Earrings to our Etsy shop .

And now on to the real purpose in living and the reason we try to sell all this stuff so we can have money to buy our little imps more crap.

Torturing your brother!


Loving your brother!

The girls are back!The brown one is Grover who is actually a boy.

Mama Llama ,their serious protector.

The amazing path that our neighbor Chris made through our jungle. The goats are doing an impressive job destroying all the blackberries,poison oak,and general overgrowth of our poorly maintained property.They are like little tractors tearing it all down and we love them for it.

Henry the grape picker. The only fruit he will eat and only if it is from our vines.

This is what happens when you let a pumpkin grow throw the chicken wire fencing that we put around the bed to stop the deer from eating it.

The end of blackberry season. I was wrong. Actually henry will eat blackberries too if he picks them or demands I pick them for him.


Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

Hey Felice, tried to leave a comment yesterday but apparently my computer skills weren't up to their usual standards (ha!)...

I am so sorry you had a bad weekend and that the self-employment self esteem is currently down. I am hoping for lots of success for you at (or near!) the fall festival this weekend. We will come see you there and I will wear my lovely Celtic Budding Spiral necklace!

Lizard said...

I still adore your jewelry and wear practically nothing else (earring-wise) these days. In case it helps at all.

I haven't sent my sister her earrings so I don't know what she thinks yet, but I am with you about the silver swirls being just about perfect every-day earrings. They went with me on 3 births in 25 hours last weekend! So those earrings have seen a lot at this point.

I hope things get much better soon, or else I will have to go back to etsy and that is just dangerous as hell for me.