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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fame and fun

So I think I'll just shut the heck up and the next time I am whining about lack of sales y'all can come kick my butt. Really.
Things slowly picked up in online sales through Etsy after that last weekend and then we had a record breaking weekend at the Church Fair at the Fall Festival.
One of the best things that happened was when dear friend Amy brought over her out of town visitors to say hello. Her friend (whose name I sadly can't remember) said " Do you sell on Etsy? I recognize your jewelry."
I felt so famous! Someone actually shops and browses on Etsy and recognized our jewelry! My ego has been sufficiently stroked once again.
It was fun selling in our hometown ( the biggest town we live close to) and seeing all the friends and acquaintances we've acquired. The park in the middle of the festival was overcrowded with kids including mine and it was quite the challenge keeping an eye on both my tasmanian devils spinning off in opposite directions at all times while Nick was selling in the booth (or the "tent" as Henry calls it.) At one point Max had yakisoba noodles hanging out of his mouth and was swinging them from side to side slapping his big chubby cheeks while coming towards customers and telling them he was eating "noonoos" . He later rolled around in the sand at the park using the noodle slime as an adhesive.

These are my latest creation-Tangle Dangle Vining Spirals Earrings. Another design that came to me as I was laying in bed waiting for Henry to fall asleep.(Yep, I'm one of those crazy lunatic parents that still lays with her kid in his bed until he falls asleep. I won't reveal any of our other coddling parenting techniques that will damage our children forever.)
I sold the first pair I listed this morning on Etsy.
I didn't go to the Saturday Market today. I started coming down with a cold on Thursday night which is still draining all my vital energy. I knew it would be cold and miserable and probably kill my feeble old body if I did the market today. Also there was some sort of big deal football game in Eugene today that involved the entire ESPN network setting up camp at the stadium and broadcasting all day from there. That meant the entire town would be either at the game or watching it all day long making sales likely to be poor at the hippy craft market. It was very liberating to not go and sleep in. I put a lot of energy into Etsy and we made a significant amount of sales today anyway- so there!
All is well.... until the next hormonal fluctuation.


Lizard said...

perhaps I'm reading too much into this one felice, but somehow the noodle-beard story and the gorgeous earrings seem connected to me. I can't imagine where you'd get those lovely dangly designs.... could it be NOODLES?

I love them. You are evil. Every time you post a new design I go to Etsy and buy it. I am wearing the other silver swirly earrings even as I type. I only have 2 ears, but it does not stop me from going straight to Etsy for more.

Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

Yay! That was very cool that Karen recognized your jewelry. So glad you're back to rolling in money again!