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Monday, September 08, 2008

Henry's First Day of Kindergarten

Henry's fist day of kindergarten was last Thursday.I had a nervous belly and needed to use the bathroom a lot. He was unphased but looking forward to it in his usual
matter of fact way.
Here he is in the car on the way looking unamused. It almost looks like he is starting to grow a mustache already. (It's just the shadows.)My baby boy is growing up.

Walking toward the entrance. Little brother Max is desperately trying to catch up and is not happy that he doesn't get to go too.

He refused to smile and pose nicely for the picture.

Waiting on line to wash hands.

Successfully washing hands. The indoctrination begins....

It looks like he is going to fit right in.
He says kindergarten "is great!" There is a teacher in the gym whose name is "P.E."


Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

Yay, Henry! What a big guy. Aidan's first official day is tomorrow!

Michele said...

Oh I'm glad you got through that first day! I bet Henry loves school!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

LOL! Love the teacher's name! :)

He does look so grown up! I am sure he will love it! Max, Mom, and Dad will probably have a harder time!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Also, You hubby has some LONG hair! That is a lifelong commitment! I could never get mine that long....If he ever cuts it, look into donating it for wigs! It would make beautiful wigs for cancer patients, etc...I have a friend who did that...I think it is called Locks of Love...Or something like that...

Lizard said...

Ellie's first day was yesterday. She, too, had fun. It is so exciting to see the kiddos grow up! I love how matter-of-fact they are about it all. Henry looks so non-plussed by it all.

I love the little bits of info Ellie tosses out at odd times. Like the teacher named P.E. Those are priceless.

Anonymous said...

Ha, how cute... I couldn't help but notice in one of the pictures, the little girl picking her nose... haha!

Hope your stomach has settled some love. Mine does the same thing when I'm stressed... Oy!