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Friday, March 27, 2009

New Stuff and Big Remote Love

I started making jewelry with my new stone beads. This is the Little Lapis and Fresh Water Pearl Swirl Pendant

and the matching earrings.
The price was so good on these beads that I can sell the earrings for only $14 and the pendant for $10.

This is actually an older bead purchase that I finally got around to. The Unikite Sphere with Hematite Pendant that matches perfectly with our Tiny Unikite Sphere Earrings.

Long Nephrite Jade and Garnet Sterling Silver Swirl Earrings

This week we bought a new universal remote control for our TV entertainment conglomerate of VCR,satellite,DVD etc. Henry fell in love with the giant remote and it seemed like a reasonable idea since we are always losing it in the couch or somewhere else.

When I say "fell in love" I mean it.

He really loves the thing. Here he is giving it a big kiss.

He even made a special "holiday hat" for it out of pipe cleaners.

Good times with the boys!


elsiee said...

just discovered your charming blog on an etsy forum thread - love it! Funny the last pair of earrings I posted in my Etsy shop were also Lapis!! come on over and visit me sometime:

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

He does LOVE the remote. I can see'll never lose it...

the kiddos look so big! they grow up fast!


WalkerMom said...

I love the new jewelry. Beautiful.

Your new remote is great!