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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

New stuff and Max's 4th Birthday

I finally took some new extra geeky pictures of our ever popluar HTML Head earrings.

We also added the Alto Clef pendant to our shop. We had it as earrings and had been meaning to make a pendant too for a long time. The day finally came.

We also added the "Pi" pendant to our shop. Again, we had it as earrings but it was time to get the pendant in the shop too.

This is a new smaller version of our "Romantic Industrial Big Aluminum Cross" as earrings. Nick made them from aluminum extrusion that he tumbled and sliced .

I also added the "Mogan David' pendant to our shop that we have as earrings too.(Just in time for Passover.)
And now on to the cute kids...

Henry and Fidel.
Fidel looks like he had a stroke in this picture. He is actually doing pretty well for an old 15 year old cat although he was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I have now become one of those crazy cat owners that injects her cat with insulin twice a day and spends ridiculous amounts of money on fancy cat food and vet visits.I never thought I'd end up doing all this for the cat and sort of secretly mocked those that did but when the time came I just couldn't let the old guy suffer or be "put down" when he is basically fine and the kids love him. We are hoping it will teach the boys some compassion and to not put us down when we are old and in need of some special care.

Friday April 3rd was Max's 4th birthday. We had a small party with a couple of friends. I wasn't up for a whole big event so my apologies to our friends who were not invited and may be reading this.
Aidan is excitedly showing Max the very big and awesome birthday present he got him while Lauren watches with anticipation too.

The big gross Spiderman cake. No one seemed to really like it much. It was chocolate with strawberry jam like filling and a thick Safeway nasty frosting of spiderwebs. Large amounts of it are still in our fridge haunting me. I have a cake problem, especially when it's chocolate. It calls to me every time I open the fridge door. Felice!- come have a slice-no one else will. But you love me. You love moist cheap chocolatey cake. You will eat me.
And I do. I am throwing out the rest of it tomorrow!(maybe)

After the cake everyone went outside to play in the wet sandy yard. Ethan has on his creepy scarey army guy face mask.
Max loved his black spiderman costume I bought him for his birthday.

Look out Henry and Isaac!


Amy, Ryan, Aidan and Lauren said...

Cute cute! I love all those kids. And I love how the cake talks to you, I can relate.

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

lol. this post was funny. the cat is cute.

looks like a fun party!have a great weekend.~Karen

Anonymous said...

Perfect weekend for a birthday, the weather was awesome!