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Friday, May 06, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!


On Wednesday Henry’s second grade class had a special Mother’s Day Tea . They all painted self portraits to share. This is Henry’s.

Their teacher got a grant to buy guitars for the class and she has been teaching them how to play. As you can imagine it was super


They sang songs and memorized poems. I thought I was the only sap tearing up and holding back the sobs. Turns out I wasn’t.


me and henry

Henry and me.


Max lost his first baby tooth yesterday. He lost the one right next to it a couple of hours later. He now speaks really funny.

Here’s my attempt to imbed a video of the kids singing that had me all verklempt.


Anonymous said...

So sweet! I love all the great things your school is doing, getting enough guitars for everyone, fantastic!! :)

Happy Mother's day Felice! ♥

Shell said...

What a good mothering moment. Very sweet!

Shell said...

What a wonderful mothering moment. Very sweet, your boys are. And I love his portrait!