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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wings of Wonder Kindergarten trip


I got to be a chaperone on Max’s kindergarten trip to “Wings of Wonder “ on Independence Oregon.


The display greenhouse was aflutter with tons of beautiful butterflies. It kind of freaked one of the kids out to have these creatures flying around all over and landing on them sometimes but most of them loved it.

butterfly2butterfly3 teacher

They did a great teaching the kids about butterflies although some of it went way over their little twitchy kindergarten heads.


The kids were great and adorable. One of the little boys in my group was very affectionate and clingy and insisted on holding my hand and petting me most of the time. He whispered to me “I want to marry you.” Max told him I was already married. He said he didn’t care. I was flattered until the teacher’s assistant told me he’s just like that.


Helen Hardt said...

Hi there! I wasn't sure how to contact you as I'm not registered on Etsy. A while back you posted a sterling silver stamped bass clef pendant, but the item is no longer in your store. I'm very interested in this item as my son is leaving for college in the fall to study classical vocal performance. He is a bass :). Please email if the item is still available.

Shell said...

OMG - love this. However, please tell Little Boy that should you ever go out on the open market again, our Tractor has heard rumors of a claim to you. :)

Felice Luftschein said...

Yes Shelley, my true love is your tractor. I'll let you be it's wife if I can be it's mistress on the side.