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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Just life


The kids had their last day of school this week. Max’s class had the end of year Kindergarten picnic at the park.


He also started T Ball


Posing for the team pictures. It’s pretty hilarious watching a bunch of 5 and 6 year old swarm after the ball in the field, occasionally breaking down in tears fighting over it. Then standing around confused not knowing what to do once they get the ball and randomly throwing it to another kid who is usually not even paying attention while the runner runs in the wrong direction. My hats off to the awesome team coach Candy who has 5 kids of her own and took this process of herding cats on.


One of my favorite random flowers that pops up in my unmanaged front yard.The Foxglove.


This boring photo of our road in front of our driveway is of interest only because today they came and oiled it. It is a gravel unpaved road that despite our taxes the county has decided isn’t worthy of paving or managing much so we have to pay to get it oiled. If we don’t like we didn’t last year then we have to inhale dust all summer long.

On a personal note I have been weepy with joy today (which has nothing to do with my typical perimenopausal hormone fluctuations) because I got the amazing news this morning that a dear friend who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this past Christmas is in full remission with no detectable cancer in her. She is completing a new chemo treatment and has been doing dietary, exercise, qigong and meditation as well. Her doctor said he had never had a patient respond completely like this. The recent study of the drug had only 1 patient out of 171 have a complete response like this (.6%). She is the second.

I have to admit,in case you haven’t noticed, I am prone towards cynicism and was not optimistic about my friend’s future given the statistics on pancreatic cancer. But she has blown me away. I’m going to stop here before I put some sort of crazy jinx on things inadvertently according to the whims of the universe. I’m just saying something especially really good happened. Yay!

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wkmtca said...

so cool for your friend!