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Monday, April 28, 2008

Market and those crazy kids...

Well I finally made it to the saturday market this past saturday for the first time this season. The weather was perfect. Cool ,clear and sunny. Sales were pretty good and it wasa great start to the new season. I sold a lot of these big glass pendants-

and a lot of the big aluminum earrings. The Celtic Budding Spiral Earrings were my best seller as usual. I finally raised a lot of our prices to be the same as they are on Etsy. I was a little nervous about it but everything sold fine. Our prices are still quite low but it's noce to be making a little more on everything.
I was astoundingly tired because for some reason there is a twisted law (I believe it is related to the Murphy's Law syndrome) that on Friday nights before the Saturday Market when I need to get as much sleep as possible my kids decide to go crazy and wake me up continually all night long for various ridiculous reasons. It culminated in the 5 am awakening when they had both managed to pee all over themselves.

This is what happens when I don't supervise Max eating avocado. He uses it as a hair conditioner.

Better take a shower.

What is this ?

It's organic Alfredo Mac-n-cheese with Spiderman mac n cheese (with the orange spiderman brand powdered cheese left out) made into sushi. It was all Henry's idea. I had serious doubts that he would eat it.

But he did!

Oh yeah...mmmmm......

Perfect! I think he should start a Mac n Cheese restaurant with all is variations on the theme including the mac n cheese burrito,pizza and now the sushi.


Mimi & Moe's Mom said...

Max is so creative. It looks like something my kids would love!

Anonymous said...

Your boys are so creative!!

And, glad to hear things went well at the market too.


Mimi & Moe's Mom said...

yay! i just ordered the treble clef! i am so excited! :)

Mimi & Moe's Mom said...

WOW! that is super fast shipping! i LOVE the pendant! thanks so much!

Felice Luftschein said...

I'm so glad you like it! You were definitely the motivation behind me finally making it in silver and putting it in our Etsy shop. And I've sold a few of them to other people too!
We are a little crazy about shipping right away. I think it's more of an obsessive compulsive need to keep getting things off my to -do list.

Mimi & Moe's Mom said...

just wondering if you have any of the treble clefs in key chains? maybe aluminum? i can't decide between pi or the treble clef, but either my husband would love.

Mimi & Moe's Mom said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Felice Luftschein said...

The key chain idea is something we have been wanting to do but havne't come up with a good way yet. The silver discs that we make the earrings with are too flimsy for that. someday but not any time soon. Sorry!
happy mother's day to you too!