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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sticky ,sandy, filthy fun

What strawberries? I didn't smush strawberries all over my head and shirt.
Well yeah, maybe I did...

My brother thought the strawberries would be a good undercoat for the sand that he said I needed in my hair.
Sand is fun!
All this happened within the first hour of waking up in the morning. Two year olds are very filthy cute little beings.
I was going to add some pictures of some new jewelry but apparently blogger won't let me do it. So this is one of those all cute, filthy Max posts.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

new stuff and brothers

This is a new design that just sold for the first time on Etsy today! It is our Sterling Silver Vining Spiral in a Teardrop Earrings.
Here is another fairly new design which is actually a rework of an old old design I used to do.It sold this week too! Moss Green Fresh Water Pearl with Dangly Garnet Earrings.
You can see I am very clever with the titles of these pieces.
This is collaborative effort. I bought the glass beads and then Nick said something about how he should have a ball of silver yarn to play with. We have been seeing the Ball of Silver Earrings selling a lot on Etsy which kind of surprised me that it was so popular. So I ran with the idea and as our description in the listing says, we are taunting this dignified kitty with the yarn ball. It was featured in an Etsy treasury today which was somewhat exciting.

And now onto the cute kids pictures. The theme for this week is "Brothers"...

Henry designed this robot costume. He told me exactly where to cut the holes and how he wanted it to be. He originally had me make it for himself but then decided that it would be better on his brother. Max was a more than willing and very cute participant.

Co-drivers of the car. Two can fit in there, really...

This is Henry's newest entree in his repetoire of Mac n Cheese delights. It is called the Easy Mac n Cheese Burrito. The ranch dressing really kicks it up a notch. And of course there is not a trace of a healthy vegetable anywhere in this cheesy masterpiece except perhaps some bleached out corn in the tortilla. It's all in the presentation. He insisted that I wrap it aluminum foil like the real burritos that we get at La Roca in Philomath. (A delightful taqueria that we highly recommend.)