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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More jewelry for music lovers

We got a special request from a customer to make the Coda Symbol as a pendant. She has a very musical family and they named their son “Coda”. She was very excited when we said we could do it and now she has the perfect Father’s Day present for her husband.


Coda Symbol Sterling Silver Stamped Pendant - Keepsake for Musician

The coda symbol is used in musical notation as a navigation marker.


We also made the Dal Segno Music Symbol Sterling Silver Stamped Pendant - Keepsake for Musicians

It is used in musical notation as a navigation marker.
From Italian for "from the sign," D.S. appears in sheet music and instructs a musician to repeat a passage starting from the sign shown at right, sometimes called the "segno" in English.


And of course you have to have the earrings-

Coda Music Symbol Sterling Silver Earrings


Dal Segno Music Symbol Sterling Silver Earrings



Dal Segno and Coda Music Symbol Sterling Silver Earrings

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Back at Saturday Market and egg mess


Today was my first day back to selling at the Eugene Saturday Market this selling season. I had been trying to come up with a good design for a banner to have printed for our booth for years now but just never had the computer skills or a good idea of what to put on it. And then it hit me-make it out of wire! Nick was doubtful at first but after I made the lettering out of aluminum he did an excellent job sanding and painting the wooden board and painstakingly drilled tiny holes and thread thin gauge aluminum wire around the letters to attach the words to the sign. He then super glued the little tied wire bits in the back and had to admit in the end that it looked pretty good.


The weather was perfect and sales were  respectable for a long hard days work.


Yesterday I pulled off the supermom egg dying evening. That Star Wars egg dying kit was somewhat of a let down .The “tattoos” for the eggs sucked. After looking it up online I found a slew of pissed off parents who had a new reason to hate Lucas for allowing the “Star Wars” franchise to be associated with this piece of crap product.But the kids still had fun.


And Max made a most excellent mess. Yes, he is pouring egg dye. Yes, it did spill all over him, the table, the floor and and the chair.


He did come up with some nifty effects.


This is Nick having a special moment giving Mrs.Cute Kitty a nice kitty massage on a beautiful sunny spring day.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Passover!

sedar plate

While Nick was home sick with a nasty cold I took the kids last night to our friends Sarah and Mark’s lovely home for a vegetarian passover seder.


I’ve always loved Manischevitz wine.


The kids had lots of fun.kids2

Our friend Judy did a great job organizing with the help of “A Children’s Haggadah”  so that we could move through the seder quickly and get the basics in there. We’re still doing lots of explaining . Max keeps calling the Egyptians the “magicians”.I think I have successfully confused my children with another holiday.adults

Good times!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

School Trip to Greengable Gardens


One of the best things about being self employed is that I can usually make the time to go on school trips with the kids. I almost forgot that it was under my control and thought I should work instead today but then I realized I was being an idiot. I’m glad I came to my senses and went with Henry’s second grade class to Greengables Farm which is just down the road from us to learn about tulips. (That’s Mary’s Peak in the background.)


The peony tulip.

tulips mrs.hall

The best 2nd grade teacher EVER Mrs. Elaine Hall in the yellow jacket!


Tulips galore!


Henry and his friends goofing around.


Demitri from Greengables with Mrs. Hall.


The kids got to pick a bunch of tulips to bring home.


And of course how could I not put in a plug for our jewelry? This is our

Tiny Tulip with Amethyst Sterling Silver Stamped Pendant