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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some Christmas morning photos....

Well after working our tired butts off with our busiest holiday jewelry selling season ever, Nick and I managed to pull off a successful Christmas for the kids in an attempt to make up for all the days we convinced them that it was good parenting for them to watch all the Spongebob they wanted while we worked .Max is admiring the little omelette maker that Santa (aka Grandma June) gave daddy while Henry debates whether to go to the bathroom or look at the presents.

The awesome "squishy " fish Aunt Betsy gave Max. He is obsessed with fish.

Again the Omelette maker is admired. Henry was amazed that it had a "model egg" on it.

Again the squishy fish. Max held that chocolate Santa all day long.

A good view of the mayhem. They loved Kent's politically incorrect nerf ball guns that he wisely bought both of them.

Weeee! Henry levitates with joy at the giant Hot Wheels racing track set that Santa got the whole family.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Henry's 5th Birthday!

This is the long overdue birthday blog entry. Henry turned 5 on November 30th, 2007. We started off the day with presents from family in the morning.
Ewww! Daddy's gag gift of broccoli.

Hahaha my dad is sooo funny. Good thing i got all this Thomas stuff.
Then later in the afternoon we had the traditional birthday party with friends.

Henry had been planning the musical chairs event for quite some time. We played pin the tail on the donkey too.

He also insisted on having a pinata. Luckily Safeway provides the muy authentico rainbow guitar pinata in the ethnic food aisle. This pinata comes with many colored strings hanging from it that the kids take turns pulling until the lucky one pulls out the cardboard opening releasing all the yummy candy we filled it with. No smashing with sticks on this modern day safe pinata. No Funniest Home Video episodes here with some adult getting their genitals mistakenly smashed by the blindfolded innocent child.

One of our happy and cute party goers- Lauren

The blowing out of the candles on the Thomas birthday cake. Again, Thank You Safeway for giving me another easy way out of this parenting responsibility. Henry had been saving the bowling ball candles and pins all year for this event.

mmmm cake with Max.
We are slowly coming out of the holiday sales blitz and brutal winter colds/sinus infection. More blogging to come.