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Friday, May 29, 2009

Big Shroom

We've been living here for about 15 years (I think?) and have never seen these giant mushrooms here before under the tree right next to our house.

I told Max not to touch them so he went and got out his latex gloves, one our favorite play items.

the mushroom goblin boy

Nice mushroom!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Gogo and Yin Yang

Nephrite Green Jade Gogo and Black Onyx Swirl Earrings
Here's another new addition to our Etsy shop made from British Columbian Nephrite Jade beads I bought earlier this year. They call this shape "Gogo".
$14 in the Stone Earrings/Pendants section of our shop.

This is a brand spankin' new design I came up with a couple of nights ago, listed in our shop yesterday and sold today. Woo hoo! I love that! It's simple yet so balanced hence the name:
Yin Yang Harmony Aluminum Shawl Pin/ Hair Pin

I was especially motivated to come up with a new design because we just discovered someone copying 3 of my shawl pins and selling them in their Etsy shop. While somewhat flattering to be "discovered' as successful and worth copying it was pretty shocking to stumble upon exact copies of my designs that I worked pretty hard to come up with. The titles were even strikingly similar. I normally don't believe most people when they say someone is copying them when the designs are pretty common with commonly used beads. But these are complex wire work designs that are clearly being ripped off.
So in an effort to stay ahead of the copycat, I'll keep creating (and give her some more ideas
to steal).
And so a lovely holiday weekend winds down with chocolate chip cookies and some playdates.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Presenting Mrs.CuteKitty

We have a new addition to our family. This is Mrs. CuteKitty, named by Henry of course.She is our big old snarky cat Fidel's new trophy wife. She started hanging around here a month or so ago. We thought she was our neighbors cat but then discovered she was not the same cat. We always thought we'd have to wait until Fidel died to get another cat because he is such a mean bastard to other cats. But this little girl won his heart. She started coming in through the cat door and he let her. The next thing we know she is sleeping in his special box and eating his food. When she took a crap in the litter box we had a feeling this kitty was not leaving. I tried hard to be mean to her because I didn't really want to have another cat while dealing with Fidel and all his medical issues and financial draining. But it's hard to be mean to such a cute sweet thing and the kids loved her. So we gave in . I took her to the vet and as soon as she saw her clipped right ear she knew she was neutered by the mobile local feral cat clinic which I never even heard of before. They go around and do cheap fixings of feral cats and then set them loose again to make it on their own. She's a survivor and made it here. Probably only about 1 year old.Fidel must have told her we're suckers and will spend ridiculous amounts of money on our pets.
Good thing she's so cute.

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Red Tiger Eye!

New little earrings in the Stone earrings/pendants section of our Etsy shop.

We also just recently added the Exclamation Mark Sterling Silver Pendant to our Geeky /Science jewelry section of our shop.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy post Mother's Day!

Wolverine claws update:

Max updated his wolverine claws idea by moving on to pens and pencils jammed into his fist.We've been trying to impress upon him to at least keep the pointy parts pointed into his hand. Safety first after all! He fell asleep holding onto his claws tightly.

Max's preschool had a sweet Mother's Day Tea the Friday before Mother's Day.
Max threw up all over himself and even had a bloody nose right at the very end.

They had some adorable songs prepared. This is "I'm a little teapot".

We've been really busy doing all sorts of stuff. Last week was Henry's Taekwondo Yellow belt test.

We also took a trip to the Alsea Fish Hatchery last week (or was that two weeks ago?) with our friends Aidan, Lauren, Amy and Bethie.

Follow me guys!

The last few weeks have been crazy with lots of Etsy pre- Mother's Day sales. Yay Mother's Day! I sold at the Eugene Saturday Market this past Saturday too and it was also quite busy. Our Hanging Vases make especially good Mother's Day presents.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

The cheapest sort of crafty Wolverine claws boy toy ever

Max is obsessed with Wolverine these days. (Not that he doesn't still love all things Spiderman too.)He asked me to make him wolverine claws. He's been seeing the ad for them on TV. So he told me to make them out of paper and cut them out and use tape. Okey dokey then.

Here he is vogueing with his claws. Pay no attention to Wolverines pee soaked pants. He's still working on his potty training issues. I suppose it is sort of wolfy to be covered in pee.

Then he told me to upgrade them by making them with card board. he was right. It makes a much sturdier product. Henry wanted some too.

Henry lost his first two teeth this week. They are the bottom front two. The new ones were already coming in behind them so he didn't get the classic gap toothed 6 year old look we were going for.