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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beautiful Fall Day

Today was one of those beautiful crisp clear fall days that demanded we get off

our butts and step outside.

So Nick and I took a little walk down our road.

Amongst the striking beauty was the profound sadness of passing our neighbors

home and the yellow ribbon around the tree to commemorate the death of his

son who was killed this past Sunday in Afghanistan. We live in a small town and

the death of this brave young man has touched everyone.

Max says this “tree looks like broccoli which is one of the great things about living

in Oregon”.

This is the newly installed remote which should be bringing us fiber optics soon

to our neighborhood. (At least that’s what Nick told me it’s called.)Nick often

gazes at it longingly in anticipation of higher speed internet.

One of our favorite views from Fern Road. You can sort of make out the Cascades

in the horizon behind the trees.

Ah fall-

Friday, October 04, 2013

New Little Copper Boo Knits Lace Shawl Pin

By popular demand :
The Little Boo-Knits Copper Lace Shawl Pin - Scarf Pin
Yes, this is a lame blog post but it's all I've got today. We have one sick kid
home from school for the second day, work to do and that little tickle in the
back of the throat and nose that makes one fear the impending sickness if I
don't get decent sleep tonight. But it's Friday-yay!