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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Broken Pliers Update

Just wanted to share that today we received a brand new replacement pair of swanstom micro chain nose pliers from Rio Grande.
We appreciate the excellent customer service!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Little Nerds

The game gets tense.

A pooped Batman takes a break.

Life has been very hectic here as our Etsy sales have started really picking up. iIguess people are Christmas shopping. Then yesterday we had the pleasure of being mentioned in Anne Hansons' Knitting Patterns Knitspot blog thanks to Deb of FearlessFibers who sent her our Celtic Budding Spirals Aluminum Shawl Pin. We've been getting tons of orders from her lovely readers who came and visited our Etsy store and have been buying lots of shawl pins and jewelry.
This weekend we start the Holiday Market in Eugene. I had planned to have lots of stock but alas, I have the bare minimum. At least the cold and cough from hell is slowly abating.
Back to work!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

You know you've been working a lot when....

you break your top of the line, $30 something Swanstrom pliers!My favorite ones too!

yep, the other part is in there.

I called Rio Grande (the company I bought them from) and they said to send them to their Returns Dept. and they'll see if they meet their warranty replacement criteria.
I was just using them on my 9 gauge aluminum wire when, SNAP, they broke. Luckily I have another similar pair but the handle is longer so I don't like them as much and the tip is narrower which makes me worry they will break soon too.
We've been getting lots of orders which is great but both Nick and I are stricken with a nasty cold that has sapped us of energy and filled us with gooey phlegm and aches. My voice is now going too. I just hope we get over it before next weekend when Holiday Market starts.All my plans of making lots of stock before the market seems to be slipping away. Luckily the kids don't have it (yet- knock on every piece of wood and good juju superstition that might save them and us from this virus.)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hammering away

Work, work, work

I finally got my big wholesale order finished and delivered. Yay!Now I'm going to try and focus on building up stock and replacing the stock I took from our Saturday Market inventory to fill the order. The Holiday Market will be starting soon and I'm not ready yet.Etsy sales are up and down. The day after the election it was dead but today was very busy.Hopefully our low prices will keep people shopping with us during this tricky economic holiday season.

Henry has recovered from his 24 hour stomach flu on Monday and is now back to his usual boisterous self.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Day After Halloween!

Yesterday was quite the busy day.I took Max to Henry's kindergarten class for their Halloween Party. Here is my little sailor and batman having a hug -sort of.

Henry after much deliberation decided to be a sailor. The costume fell into place perfectly. Grandfather Nick had sent us his Brooks Brothers sailor shirt from when he was a little boy. It fit perfectly. I picked up a real sailor hat from the Army/Navy Surplus store.

Max methodically decorated his pumpkin cookie with candycorn and "M-m-M"'s

Happy sailor boy.We wanted him to carry a can of Spinach and be Popeye but he would have none of it.

Enjoying the cookies.

At the board doing some learnin'.

Lisa the teacher's assistant looked great!
Ms. Kampfer aka Hannah Montana read to the well behaved class.
It was a lot of fun and it was great for Max to be part of the class too for the day.
Nick will be blogging later with the evening trick o treat festivites.
We are all now sticky and covered in candy. We have chosen the eat it all now and get it over with parenting technique.Henry tends to take it slow and hoard his candy. Max eats it all up. They were giving out candy at the Post Office and they told him he could take more. I said- "Oh he has plenty. He has candy issues".
Max said- "I don't have candy shoes!"