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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Great Easter Egg Hunt Party 2014

Eat your heart our pinterest! I pulled it off. The Easter Egg nest cupcakes and the

jelly bean cookies in the background were a success. The big plans for the deviled

eggs cut to look like cute little chicks with carrot beaks and olive bits for eyes

were abandoned in frustration after the ordeal of trying to perfectly peel all those

damn eggs which did not peel well. When the new jar of mayonnaise was opened

and the seal was not intact and I knew I could not use it all plans were abandoned

of being pinterest proper. I creatively compensated with sour cream and avocado

but my creative energy, time and will were too depleted to do anything more than

messily cram those lumpy misshapen weirdly sliced egg white halves with the

weird concoction. They did get eaten.

We began a tradition of having a group egg hunt at our place with neighbors and

friends when the kids were just babies. The tradition has continued and this year’s

party was a great success.

The kids hunted and then gorged and swapped candy while the parents drank

mimosas and ate and chat.

Max on the hunt.

Henry on the hunt. The weather was perfect.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our pin is featured in this months Simply Knitting UK!


It is sooo exciting to see our Aluminum Celtic Budding Spiral Shawl Pin featured

in this months Simply Knitting  UK magazine! It will also be in the US version

which will come out soon. Yay!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Spring has sprung and other things

I love this time of year in our front yard. The tulips are out.

The snowbells are ringing.

The primroses are primming?

The daffodils are stanking. These are particularly fragrant ones that are kind of

a bit much for my my delicate allergy filled nose.

It’s also Max’s birthday! So we had the  traditional Wacky Bounce birthday party

for our newly 9 year old baby boy.

This was a special request extra long aluminum Celtic braid hair pin for a customer

with dreadlocks.