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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mid June in Oregon

This is probably one of the prettiest times of year here.  We have a lovely field of

daisies that pops up.

Some sort of perenial bell flower I planted many years ago that comes up every year.

The beautiful foxgloves make their appearance.

Even our hidden garden art sculture seems to be enjoying it. This is the work of a

Eugene Saturday Market artist who moved back to Baltimore and needed someone

to take this off of his hands about 20 years ago. I wish I could remember his name.

The Royal Anne cherry tree in our front yard is just starting to come on. It’s a little

early this year, I assume because of our unusually dry warm spring. Let the gorging begin!

I’ve been working on some cherry jewelry ideas. Next week when it gets cloudy

again I’ll take some good pictures for putting the new cherry jewelry in our shop.