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Sunday, June 14, 2015

More Celtic Trinity Knot Shawl Pins and Ornament


I’ve been working on adding this design to our shop as shawl pins. This is the

Sterling Silver Celtic Trinity Knot Shawl Pin . It could probably work well in hair

but will only hold small amounts of hair.

sstrinknotpin1 sstrinknotpin2


And this is the Little Celtic Trinity Knot Cross Sterling Silver Shawl Pin  that would

work best on lacy light weight shawls, scarfs shrugs etc.


This design lends itself well as an ornament too!


The Celtic Trinity Knot Cross Ornament in Aluminum . I plan to add this design in

copper and as a pendant too! So much to do!




But for now there ‘s also the summer to enjoy. Our rambling roses are blooming this week.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Nick Made Door Handles From Old Wrenches For Our Shop

When we put in the lovely french doors in our new shop building we knew
we wanted some special handles.
We looked around at antique stores and home depot etc and nothing really "spoke" to us.
So Nick came up with the brilliant idea of using some of his many  (understatement) wrenches
to make our own. He made them yesterday.

                       He drilled holes which was somewhat tricky on the hardened steel.
                                                      He used a solid carbide drill bit.

                                                   Side view.