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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Making Waves–Hair Toys

PicMonkey wavesticks2
I added a fun assortment of wavy sticks to our Etsy shop. They are great for holding hair or shawls. The waves give a little extra grip. And they are priced right at $8.50- $9.50 depending on the metal. We don’t have them in sterling silver yet in our shop but they will cost more because of the price of silver. So get rid of those pencils you’ve been using to keep your hair up.

This is the Aluminum Hair Stick / Shawl Pin - Wavy Trinity Clover Loops .
We make them in aluminum, brass, copper and sterling silver. The aluminum is the lightest and also the most bendable. Which means it may not work well on very long and / or heavy hair. Some of our customers prefer to use 2 of them on their heavier hair.

This is the Brass Wavy Hair Stick / Shawl Pin - Simple Spiral Waves. Brass is the heaviest and strongest of the metals we use. It is the least likely to bend. Copper is inbetween aluminum and brass when it comes to strength and flexibility. We  can make them any length you’d like for no extra cost (Except for the sterling silver sticks which cost significantly more and we need to charge extra per inch.)