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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New photos, new pin, old friends

I got around to taking some new photos the other day. I pulled out an old Popular Mechanics for Kids book and had some fun shooting these Gear Earrings on them.
Then I redid the Atomic Symbol for Silver Pendant on this page from a chemistry book.
It really is amazing how many more views you get when you improve your photos. One of the things I've learned is to play around with how I angle the camera. It's tricky to get the fine engraved lines on this piece to show up clearly and it really seems to depend on the angle of the camera. I know a lot of people use tri pods to take their jewelry photos but I really like having my camera in my hands and moving it all over the place in different directions to get the right angle and reflections of the light. And of course my favorite days to photograph are the overcast ones.

"Celtic Double Swirls and Curls Aluminum Shawl Pin/ Hair Pin" is a new design in our Etsy shop. It took a lot of protoypes to figure out this one. I use two pieces of wire instead the usual one and twist them together. Adding the "Hair Pin" to the title seems to have helped increase views too.

Our friends Gina, Carly and their Mom Linda came over after school one day last week . It was great to see them and get some good girly-friend time in. Henry and Gina set up the two lounge chairs and got all his bedding off his bed and of course the essential firemen hats (or should I say "fireperson"?) They are like a silly old married couple sometimes.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Aluminum Celtic-y Ornaments

A while ago a customer asked me if I could make some of my designs into ornaments. It was a great idea that I had kind of done before but not very well. So I worked on some new designs and reworked older designs and came up with a bunch of new ornaments just in time for the holidays. (How clever of me-eh?) They are made out of aluminum and the hook is made from stainless steel wire.
We then had a few days of perfectly overcast,cloudy days and some slower sales so I had the time to take photos outside on our weathered deck and lawnchairs. I like the rustic and grey look they got.

They all cost $10 plus shipping and come in a nice kraft natural colored gift box wrapped in tissue paper and tied with yarn.

Celtic Knot Infinite Swirl Cross Ornament
This is one of the most complex celtic knot type designs I've come up with. At first I wasn't sure what to do with it. It kind of works as a hair pin too but then I had the "A-Ha" moment and it dawned on me that this would be the perfect ornament design.

Dancing Swirls Aluminum Ornament- This is an enlargement of an earring design. I love the whimsical happy feel to it.
I wanted to do an ornament that used my celtic loopy cross design that has been selling really well. This design takes that idea a little further and works well. I sold my first one a few days ago!
This is a reinterpretation of my Celtic Heart and Swirls design.
This is another reinterpretation of a design that sells well. I made the spiral a little more spiral-y to create a more substantial piece.

Celtic Angel Swirls Aluminum Ornament
This is a design I've been trying to rework for a long time now.The two side swirls remind me of angel wings, hence the name.
These last 3 are ornaments I've had in the shop already but just simplified or scaled down so that they can fit nicely in the gift boxes that we use.

Dragonfly Wirework Aluminum Ornament

Monday, September 08, 2008

Henry's First Day of Kindergarten

Henry's fist day of kindergarten was last Thursday.I had a nervous belly and needed to use the bathroom a lot. He was unphased but looking forward to it in his usual
matter of fact way.
Here he is in the car on the way looking unamused. It almost looks like he is starting to grow a mustache already. (It's just the shadows.)My baby boy is growing up.

Walking toward the entrance. Little brother Max is desperately trying to catch up and is not happy that he doesn't get to go too.

He refused to smile and pose nicely for the picture.

Waiting on line to wash hands.

Successfully washing hands. The indoctrination begins....

It looks like he is going to fit right in.
He says kindergarten "is great!" There is a teacher in the gym whose name is "P.E."

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Double Swirl Shamrock Whirl

It was REALLY HARD to pick a new name from all your good suggestions! I wish I could have picked every one and done Sterling Silver Celtic Wizards Swirls and Whirls Standing Tall Resurrection Lily Flip Twinkles but somehow that doesn't sound right.

But I came up with a mix of Mimi amd Moe's Mom's "Celtic Swirls and Whirls" and June's "Double Tip Shamrock Flip"

I included the "Sterling Silver" part because I think it helps in the Etsy search system to have it in the title.
So Mimi and Moe's Mom- send me your address ( Via etsy convo or email) and I'll send you a pair of earrings and Nick's mom June will be getting a pair too.
Thanks for participating everyone!