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Saturday, December 27, 2008

The long overdue blog post

Where to even begin! It's been quite a busy crazy month! Our Etsy sales were phenomenal and kept us so busy we barely had time to rest. And then the weather decided to make things more tricky. We rarely get snow that lasts more than a day here but this was a big one. And the temperatures stayed cold and icy for over a week. This made our trips to the post office dependant on our awesome and wonderful neighbors Chris and Shelley and their studded tires. On Tuesday December 16th Nick mailed 61 packages at our little Philomath post office! About 10 to the midwest were delayed causing much stress. About 3 have still not arrived.
Our sales at the Eugene Holiday Market were down quite a bit which made us even more grateful for our wonderful Etsy customers.I had to skip selling on Sunday the 15th because the roads were too icy in the morning and they called for more snow that day (which didn't actually arrive until the night which was irritating!) We packed the whole thing up two days early . I'm a wimp when it comes to driving on ice and snow.

Brrrrr.Nick's face says it all.

Henry had a little fun but Max wanted nothing to do with it. "It's too cold", he said. I'm not much of a snow fan myself. It's nice to look at through the window but I don't need to touch it.

And then there was Christmas.After working so much we spoiled our little guys with lots of material things.

Henry got lots of new Geotrax and insisted on taking a picture to send to their website.

Max is a big Spiderman fan and he really enjoyed his new Doc Oc figure. He went to sleep with it last night.
Things have slowed down a little here but I'm amazed that people are still buying our stuff on Etsy. I'm NOT complaining. We feel very lucky and blessed.
Happy New Year!