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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Circus and pin

Life and the business have been busy which is great.I took the kids to the circus last week with our friends. They come to town once a year (the circus that is- not our friends)and the kids love it. It's quite the show.

And of course you have to have cotton candy.

This is my newest shawl / hair pin design.

Celtic Open Eye Aluminum Shawl Pin / Hair Pin or Brooch
I sold the first one today. Hooray!
We are also now selling our geeky nerdy jewelry at The Makers Market.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Henry's Apple Jewelry

Our son Henry saw our red glass marble pendants and said "You should put a leaf on it and make it an apple pendant." I poo pooed him but did it anyway just to please him and put it on our display and the Holiday Market last December. Well it sold! Then he begged me to make more and put them on Etsy. So I finally had time and the perfect photography weather and did it. These are Ruby Red Cherry Apple Glass Marble Earrings.

This is the Ruby Red Cherry Apple Glass Pendant.
I was thinking of Snow White's apple when I took the picture. So I posted about them on our facebook fanpage and we sold TWO in a day!
I hadn't even thought of the brilliant teacher's gift idea for them that our lovely and clever customers told us about. So now Henry get's a cut on very one that sells. He's quickly supplementing his allowance income.