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Friday, July 19, 2013

Cherry jewelry and more summer fun

The new cherry earrings are in the shop!

And the matching cherry pendant.

We had our cousin Jennifer and her daughter Saro visit for a few days. So we went
to the Newport Aquarium.

We had a little smores making fire pit in our back yard.

And a beautiful day at the Oregon coast. We watched seals and/or sea lions play in the surf
right in front of us. Max was in heaven.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A meeting of minds…



Earlier this spring I came across this picture on Ravelry –the

wonderful  knit and crochet online community I love to browse.

It is our Brass Looping Crossed Knots Celtic Shawl Pin on a gorgeous

 Boo Knits lace shawl. The picture below gives a good view of how

beautiful Boo Knits lace shawl designs are.  When one of the knitters

on the Boo Knits forum suggested that Bev (the Boo Knits creator)

collaborate on a shawl pin we both jumped on it and were excited

to work together. We started emailing each other with ideas

and the perfect Boo Knit shawl pins were born.  Bev was so kind and

easy to work with.


This is the Aluminum Boo-Knits Shawl Pin we created. It sort of says “BOO” without

being too BOO.

This is the smaller simpler Little Sterling Silver Boo-Knits Lace Shawl Pin. We

decided to keep the smaller lace pin version less complex so as not to distract

from her intricate lace shawl designs.

This is the Boo-Knits Copper Shawl Pin. They have all been selling very well I am

happy to say.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Fun


No big trips planned this summer. Relaxation is one of the goals. We joined the

Corvallis Country Club with their summer membership so we can enjoy the pool

10 minutes from home complete with pool side waiters bringing delightful beverages

and food.

We had our traditional 4th of July shindig with our good friends the Abernathys.

Mostly we are staying up way too late including the kids because we are poorly

disciplined self employed parents who don’t need to be anywhere early. And sleeping

in late too.