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Saturday, September 28, 2013

New pendant versions of some of our designs

After multiple requests I finally added the big aluminum version of this design as

a pendant.

The Big Aluminum Infinity loops Celtic Knot Cross Pendant

And the bigger aluminum version of this design- The Big Aluminum Celtic Knot

Infinity Swirl Cross Pendant


Also new in the shop is this Celtic Loops Sterling Silver Wire Pendant

Our “tea” in Japanese kanji is now available as a pendant too!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

New in the shop- Big and small shawl pins

We have been asked often to make a large version of this design. Now we have

it as a regular item in our shop – the Large Celtic Infinity Loops Aluminum Shawl

Pin, Hair Pin. It can be used on extra long hair and super chunky knits.

One of our creative customers ordered  6 of these large pins to use as a curtain

tie backs.

I also the Little Boo-Knits Aluminum Lace Shawl Pin which is the “little” version

of the Boo-Knits Aluminum Shawl Pin . The little one would work better on light

weight lace knitting.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

The forgotten trees still bear fruit

I’m thinking there is some sort of wise lesson here that I can interpret so that I

can feel good about myself. We planted a bunch of fruit trees way in the back of

our 4 acres and spent a ton of $ putting in drip lines. The lines quickly got clogged,

we had children, the business grew and those trees went very low on my priorities

list. But I decided to take a walk back there yesterday and low and behold the

King apple tree bears fruit that are not quite ripe yet.

Even the sad little Asian pear had 4 pears. I ate one and it was delicious!

The blackberries are in their prime right now.


These are our Grape Earrings. Although they also remind me of blackberries and

are so tiny I liked the way they look on the berries.