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Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring Flowers and Books

I've been making more earrings with the new Czech glass beads I got. These are some Pretty Little Pink Flowers and Leaves Earrings. It was fun coming up with these new designs.I'm hoping I have time to make some pendants too. They make me feel like spring is in the air.

Happy Little Orange Flowers and Leaves Earrings. I mistakenly ordered these orange flower beads but I'm glad I did.

This weekend was the Annual Friends of the Library Book Sale.We got lots of great kids books including a bunch of fish related books which is Max's latest obsession. Henry loaded up on Clifford books which is kind of a snore for me but if it keeps him interested in reading I'm happy. I have to say that until I became a parent I never realized that you could read a book out loud and actually be thinking about 10 million other things at the same time. I guess I'll call it multi-tasking.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More fame and filth

We seem to be very busy these days. We got mentioned in a parenting magazine called "Cookie Magazine". (Thanks for noticing Mimi and Moe's Mom!)
Nick had done a special custom order for a very nice fellow of a silhouette of his daughter in silver. I put the bail on it and one of our chains. Well there was an article about Stuart and his wife and their lovely business.The Cookie people saw the pendant and loved it and put a little blurb on the bottom of page 38 with a picture of the pendant and our Etsy shop address and how this is one of their most special possessions. Nick posted a picture of one of the orders he just completed for a sihouette on his blog. We've been answering emails and Etsy conversations endlessly for days now. Our regular Etsy sales don't seem to have increased all that much from the exposure but it certainly can't hurt.But Nick is busy vectorizing profiles of lots of cute children and turning them into pendants.

This is Max looking very serious with his precious fishy and froggy blanket and juice on his spot on the couch- the essentials of his happiness.

Now he's happy.

Monday was my birthday. Max really got "into" the cake.Unfortunately I had some sort of stomach bug that day and needed to be home and close to the bathroom. I still managed to eat birthday cake. I have a cake problem that no stomach bug can stop.

Henry really loves his cat. Fidel isn't particularly thrilled but will take any attention he can get.

Henry devilishly hiding something.

This is what happens when you aren't paying attention and your 2 and 5 year olds get a hold of styrofoam. They deconstruct it into every tiny seed of foam that it can be. It gets everywhere and sticks to everything!

Here are my little helpers. Henry has the dustbuster and Max keeps insisting on dismantling the big vacuum cleaner.
It was a cleaning frenzy. Yet I still have the stuff showing up .This has added a new element of debris to our already super messy house. I surrender!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Henry came home from preschool today with a bag of Valentine's and some candy.It was at that moment that I panicked that I didn't even think to send Henry to school with Valentine's for every kid. What kind of a Mother am I? He had all these tacky pop culture little Valentines with stuff like the Backyardigans, Barbie,Power Rangers etc. They were signed by kids but then I looked closely and saw that some said "from Henry" and not in his handwriting. It was then that I realized that the school had provided all the Valentines and they had written them all out together today in school. I wasn't a failure as a Mother (at least in this instance.). Phew!

Then we opened the Valentine's from Grandma Fran and me and Nick. The gorging began.

Max spit out about half of it and said some was "gross".They were very generous and shared their chocolate with me.

Then we went outside and played in the garden. It was another one of the beautiful days in February that we often get. Mild and warm and sunny.

And just in case you thought computers were bad for your kids,...Max insisted on eating a carrot when we found this "In the Garden" cartoon on youtube. This child rarely eats a vegetable but here he is happily gnawing on a raw carrot because he was watching it over and over on this little video.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

36 Dragonflies, Hoops and Loops

This is what 36 dragonfly pendants look like in case you were wondering. This is what I did this week (among other things of course.)I have dragonflies imbedded in my brain. I had a special order for these 36 dragonfly pendants. It didn't take as long as I thought it would ,which is a good thing.

Here is a design I came up with around Christmas: Sterling Silver Fancy Loop Hoop Earrings and I listed in our Etsy shop the other day.

This is the sterling silver version of our Long Loop Cross Pendant as requested by a customer. It was a good idea that I should have done a while ago. It sold within a few hours of listing it! I love that!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New stuff and old new stuff

I listed this new Groovy Flower Power Sterling Silver Pendant a few weeks ago but forgot to mention it. We had a lovely customer purchase our Groovy Flower Ornament during the Holidays and asked if we had a silver pendant. It was a great idea and so here it is. We have already sold quite a few. Our customers often have the best ideas!

These earrings are another customer inspired piece. I am working on a custom order for a sweet gal for her wedding party. She had some ideas for the earrings for the brides maids and herself and this is what I came up with:

Dancing Double Swirl Curl Sterling Silver Earrings

And here are some more new old things. These are our standard simple glass earrings. We cut a groove around the edges of the glass cab and then set the sterling silver wire in the groove. This was one of our first big designs that we started back in the late 80's that is completely influenced by the Peruvian earring styles that were hot back then. This is how we got our "groove on".We started cutting the groove on stone beads and then the glass craze began in the 90's so we caught on and now they seem to sell better than the stone ones.
More colors will be coming soon to our collection.