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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pathetic Plea

Our Celtic Loops Spiral Cross Ornament has been nominated in Etsy's Vote for your favorite ornament contest. I am so excited and happy to be nominated! So if you have a chance scoot on over to the site and vote for me! Pretty please with sugar on top?
This should be the link to the voting part of the site:

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

2 new shawl pins

I had gotten a couple of requests for a Fle ur-De Lis design and I finally got around to coming up with a good one. It was tricky. This one has some more hammering involved. I also thought I needed to add more color to our photos so I have been playing around with different colored books to use as backgrounds in my pictures.

This is another new shawl pin although it is a take off on a simple design I have used for pendants and earrings. It suddenly dawned on me that it would make a good shawl pin too.
I have a couple of other new additons to our shop that I'll show y'all later.
Things have been busy here. We had our Chanukah Menorah Ornament mentioned in the Etsy Finds mass email on October 19th that brought tons of visitors to our shop. I discovered that that ornament is a pain to make and is underpriced. But I made about 25 of them in 24 hours and we are still getting orders for them.
I am no longer selling outdoors at the Eugene Saturday Market but we are gearing up to start selling at the indoor Holiday Market in Eugene starting November 21st. It's going to be hectic!