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Saturday, November 04, 2006

comment setting change

Hear ye, Hear ye. Let it be known that I have changed the comment setting on my blog so that now anyone can make a comment. That means that yes Mom, you can tell the whole world how great I am and I shouldn't put myself down so much, without worrying about signing up for something on the internet that take all your money or break your computer.
We had it set for blogger members only to comment after Nick inadvertantly insulted a whole group of people who then overwhelmed his blog with nasty, potty mouthed comments. (Gee , can you imagine Nick inadvertantly insulting anyone?)
So now insult away , on my blog at least. I crave the attention, even if it's negative.


WalkerMom said...

Felice you are an amazing, wonderful woman. Good luck with opening up to the public for comments! It's going to be great!

WalkerMom said...

Felice, you are a great person; warm and wonderful. Good luck with the attention getting ploy, I mean opening up to public comments!

Felice Luftschein said...

awww Jeanne, You're not my Mom! But thanks for the support. You rock too!

WalkerMom said...

Ah, so the comment did go through twice. I'm not too good at this yet. But anyway, go girl!

Anonymous said...

"i want to see more pictures of henry" - "please, where is henry" -marcel