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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Party Hats for Mice

Henry's 4th Birthday Party. This is one of Max's rare happy moments that day. He was sick and tantruming on and off all day long.Henry and the others had fun. You can see lots more pictures on Nick's Blog

This is Henry's new get rich craft scheme. He cut out tiny little party hat's for mice out of the tips of the party hats left over for his party.

We put them on the book shelf so that the mice can come and look at them and pick out which ones they want to buy.He plans to sell them so that he can have money to buy more toys,preferably Thomas trains. He say that this is his job. Now if we can just find some mice with some money in need of some nice party hats. He says they cost $1 each. The mice will say "Oh! Party Hats! We love party hats!"

I am slowly returning to the world of the living after being stricken by a nasty cold that started in the throat. I no longer have a coughing fit every 2 minutes. (That really helped the sales this weekend... NOT.) I paid a young girl to watch my booth for an hour on sunday morning while I took the best pathetic nap ever in the car.


WalkerMom said...

Happy birthday to Henry! I just love his mouse hat idea. Hope it sells well. ;-)

Da Man said...

Henry has some imagination. Did he get the hat idea from watching Cinderella?

Felice Luftschein said...

Nope, he's never seen Cinderella (yet). He says he "used his imagination. I didn't need any instructions."
He was concerned the other night that the mice would get eaten by the cat when they came out to purchase the party hats for their fiesta. I told him that the party hats are so pointy that they would protect the mice and the cat wouldn't want to eat them. He hasn't deconstructed that explanation too much yet.