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Monday, January 15, 2007

Etsy fame, still looking for fortune...

This has been an exciting week for me on . We were featured in 4 treasury lists which are lists created by individual etsy members of their favorite items for sale on etsy. Usually there is a theme involved in the choices picked. Our Light Blue Spirals and Swirls barrette was put in 3 treasury lists and today's list got chosen to be the front page list for the day on the Etsy homepage. It's a great rush to see your stuff right there on the front page large and in the spotlight. We got over 550 views on it today. 16 people marked it as one of their favorites. Yet with all that love and attention it still hasn't sold. I can feel the love, just not the money. I'm not complaining. We can live on love.

One of my other accomplishments this week was finally figuring out a somewhat successful way to take pictures of our earrings. These stamped spirograph geometric sterling silver disc earrings have been a real challenge. I set up a spot in the shade ouside and something about that spot and the set up has worked. It's very exciting to not be wasting endless hours of my life taking useless blurry messed up pictures like I used to do.

These abalone freeform buttons are another product we just listed on Etsy. They are a tedious boring hassle to make and remind us why we don't want to work in a factory.Press down drill, lift it up, move piece over a little bit, press down drill, lift it up, remove piece, put new one in ,repeat. Break every third or fourth one. Start over again.

Here are my computer nerds. The elder bee brother is teaching his younger already fully obsessed brother the fine points of mouse manipulation.

This is Henry's picture of Mommy.The breasts play a prominent role in the portrait which is actually quite true to reality for anyone who knows me in real life.

Well it was a few days ago that I started this post but nothing all that exciting has happened since then so I'll just leave it at this.

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