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Sunday, February 18, 2007

More Reasons Why I Live Here

While known for our rainy days, the overcast days when it isn't actually raining are perfect for photographing jewelry outdoors. I took this picture a few days ago on one of those perfect days. It was warm enough to just wear a long sleeve shirt. The sun was completely blocked out by the thick clouds and the rain held off all day giving me some great pictures. These are our Cobalt Blue Millefiore and Triangle Glass Earrings.
The other reason I love living here is the little known incredible weather in February. In between the rains we get beautiful warm sunny days that have that West Coast California feel to them. Yesterday was one of those days. Nick took out the Air Pump Rocket that he had just purchased at the thrift store and the boys had big fun making the rocket fly up into the air. Unfortunately one of the rockets will probably be a permanent fixture on the roof of our carport. Henry decided to start calling his brother his "Butler" because Max happily retrieved the rockets and put them back on the launcher while Henry got the pleasure of pumping. Team work!

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