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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Tight" Jewelry

This past weekend was the Eugene Celebration. Sales vary greatly from year to year on this wekend. Many regular market vendors take the weekend off because they feel there is just too much competition with all the other stuff going on in town. Not to mention you have to set up an hour earlier than normal to get out of the way for the big annual parade that goes right past the market. But this year they wisely planned it on a weekend that there were no football games. (The 12:30 kickoff Ducks football games are usually the death of fall sales at the market. ) I did suprisingly well and sold more than the usual amount of these lovely Swirly Girly Princess Mirrors.
I was also reminded again of what an old fart I am. Apparently our jewelry is "tight". This phrase has been repeated quite a few times by the young hip kids who have come by the booth lately. I assume that they mean it is "cool", "sweet", "da kind","chronic" or very nice. When did "tight" become the new cool word? And is it like a tight joint? A tight music jam?A well formed buttocks? Or something from a scene in "High School Musical"?
I was also reminded of my old age when looking through a music magazine a few months ago. It had a photo of a rock show and all the people in the audience were holding up their glowing cell phones in the dark facing the band at the end of the show. In my day we held up our bic lighters to declare our delight and desire for an encore. (And we damn well liked it sonny.)

I digress...
Etsy continues to please us with constant regular sales and what appears to be the beginning of Christmas shopping. We sold a lot of these Cobalt Iridescent Blue Glass earrings.

and the matching Cobalt Blue Big Iridescent Pendant

and more of these Sterling Silver Celtic Budding Spiral Earrings which have become my favorite everyday earring lately.

This pendant has been selling really well too. The Celtic Budding Spiral Large Light Weight Aluminum Pendant. Do you see the matching earrings and pendant theme here?
In the meantime I have been trying to order supplies and keep up with all the maddness while stepping over the filthy debris scattered throughout my home and of course being a perfect mother to my little angels. My favorite new jewelry box supplier is Their prices are comprable to all the others but they have free shipping which really makes them a great deal. With the holidays coming up I felt like I need to have boxes for the more expensive items we well since so many of our things are gifts. My favorite bubble mailer supplier is which also has totally free shipping with reasonable prices which makes their prices even better. Now to find a place to store all this stuff.
Speaking of being a perfect parent , I have been reading a book for the first time in a long time-
I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids: Reinventing Modern Motherhood
It's written in a large print easy to read ,short sections with large funny quotes perfect for 2 minutes in the bathroom at a time reading sessions. It's always nice to know that I am not the only insecure mentally ill woman out there who judges herself and others harshly. Of course I knew that already but still it's great to get that reinforcement. One of my favorite quotes came as I was having a little glass of wine and read -
"My girlfriends and I decided that 4pm is the "new 5" when it comes to pouring that first glass of wine everyday."
Nothing new and mindblowing. The typical Oprah/Dr. Phil/Rachel Ray type stuff, (in fact I remember seeing the women who wrote the book on Oprah)-take time for yourself, don't overschedule, learn to say no, communicate your needs, lighten up, be realistic blah blah blah.
I already knew all that. I'm perfect after all. And so are you.


Genghis said...

"2 minutes in the bathroom"? In your dreams baby.

Felice Luftschein said...

are you implying that it takes me longer than 2 minutes to do my business? or that the life of the busy perfect parent means you can never be allowed more than 2 minutes in the bathroom before you must attend to your children's needs?