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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pliers and plants

After destroying 2 pairs of pliers ,Nick, my tool obsessed and loving husband gave me a stronger pair. But those left a nasty burred edge on all the wire. So he went off into his shop the other day and emerged with these newly modified heavy duty pliers that now give me the almost perfect cut. I say "almost" only because it still leaves the tiniest of raised lines but it is really a huge improvement and a pleasure to work with. I love that guy!

Here it is in action.

The results! Notice the clean edge.

What the old pliers used to do. See the pointy angled edge. Well good bye jagged ugly edge.

More hot plier action

A clean finish.

And now for some fall photos from around the homestead...

Sweet Max

Henry emerging from the barn where he goes to escape from his brother and play with the big boy trains.

Happy Max

A typical bramble of honeysuckle berries,poison oak,blackberry brambles,roses and other assorted weeds. Yummy goat food.

This beautiful bright red and shiny plant is the evil poison oak which flourishes on our land.But it's so pretty.

One of the flowers that continues to return each year despite my neglect. A carnation of some sort I believe.

Fidel relaxing


Amy, Ryan, Aidan and Lauren said...

"Hot plier action" just might be my favorite caption ever. I'll have to come up with a way to sneak that into the magazine! The boys are looking adorable as always.

Da Man said...

I like the Treble Clef items. My older son (the autistic one) is currently obsessed with drawing them. So might might have to get a few as Christmas presents.