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Thursday, March 20, 2008

come all you cool trendy Moms

Swirly Flower Amethyst and Aventurine Pendant
This was a request by a good customer of ours and a darn good idea. It is the perfect match to our Swirly Flower Amethyst and Aventurine Earrings and Bracelet.

We were featured in the Hip Mama's Place today!
It's a new website that says "Hip Mama's Place-- where cool, trendy moms hang out!"
We love publicity.

Welcome spring! Happy Birthday Dad ,even though you don't read my blog.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I love it! And congrats on all the success lately, you two deserve it!!


WalkerMom said...

I just read the "press" on the Hip Mama's site. Great job! I'll bet you get a ton of new sales. Keep up the good work.