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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

this wire ain't just for jewelry you know...

True Blue Swinging Vine Flower Earrings- Another new design. Yes, similar to some of the other flower designs. I got a little more poetic with the name this time.

Having all this wire around can really come in handy. I used my 9 gauge alumnimu wire that I use for all our aluminum earrings ,vases and mirrors to whip up these big bubble wands.

They worked great! I was quite surprised actually. I may have a new product to fall back on. Or maybe Henry can make them to sell at the market.
I am trying to remain calm as I get ready for this weekends first Eugene Saturday Market of the year. The weather should be good enough to go. We are not early risers her so getting up at 6:30 am is going to be brutal for me. Poor me, boo hoo hoo. Get out those tiny violins to show your sympathy.
Yesterday was Nick and my 21st anniversary of being together. We have been married 20 years on March 31st but being freaky hippies we don't really put much weight on the man's piece of paper to prove our love. April Fool's Day 1987 was the first full day we spent together when we met in Panajachel Guatemala. We've been codependantly in love ever since.
I love ya baby!


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

CONGRATS to you and Nick! :) Your famliy is so lovely! I do enjoy reading your blog. And the bubble wand is pure genius!

Felice Luftschein said...

Thanks Karen! I really appreiciate you reading my blog and all the comments you leave make my day!

Anonymous said...

>>>has a frog in her throat and a bit of a tear in her eye<<<
You two inspire me so much, with your life and your love and everything that goes along with it.

At first, I wanted to say GORGEOUS color combo on the earrings... blue and green are my two fav colors... and then bubbles, omg, I love playing with bubbles... but then, 21 years of love and love and love... *sigh*
Life really is bliss, isn't it.

Congratulations you two! And cheers to many years in the future...

One of these days I'll catch you two in Eugene, but you can bet your bunns I won't be getting out of bed at 6:30 to do it... hehee.

Amy, Ryan, Aidan and Lauren said...

Wow, congratulations on being together for 21 years! That was a very sweet post. Hope Max had a fun birthday!