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Thursday, May 22, 2008

New photos and nerdiness

We had a temporary slowdown for a couple of days of our Etsy sales which gave me some time to take some new pictures of stuff. I had been meaning to take some better pictures of these Sterling Silver Celtic Hearts and Swirls Earrings. While I was outside on our backporch taking pictures the kids came out. Henry starting picking flowers and laying them around them jewelry and said I should take the pictures with the flowers to "make the earrings more beautiful".Once again the boy was right. Usually I find these types of pictures too busy but I think it works! And it has gotten a lot more views than it used to with the old pictures.

What is this industrious man doing? Mixing up his peanut butter of course with his Ryobi cordless drill .

And why,you may ask as others have asked of late who have gone to into our bathroom, is this ancient calculator in there?
Well our nightlite bulb burnt out and we didn't have any replacements. So Nick pulled out this calculator from his collection of old calculators and plugged it in and put it on "88888888888888" to get maximum light. We have finally bought replacement bulbs but we kind of like it now and haven't removed it yet.


WalkerMom said...


1) I love Henry's flower idea. The earrings look great.

2) When did Nick get his hair cut?

3) Now I know what to do with my old calculator. Good recyling!

Felice Luftschein said...

re #2)- He didn't cut hios hair. he always tucks his pony tail in his shirt when using power tools. you know, safety first! You wouldn't want your hair whipped up with your drill and peanut butter now, would ya? I'm surprised he wasn't wearing his safety goggles.

I expect to see pictures of your calculator in your bathroom soon!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Henry is right! How fun to include him in the process too! Also,the calculator idea is a great hack! I love using what I have instead of running out and buying....Drilling the peanut butter! LOL. Some of the natural ones are hard to stir! :) Have a good holiday!

pancake and lulu said...

It looks like you still haven't raised your bathroom mirror to a normal height (sorry Felice, I guess it works for you).

Your bedroom photo looks very familiar. I have learned what to expect in our room (or any room, for that matter) after my kids have been playing peacefully without supervision.

Felice Luftschein said...

It seems normal height to me!So it never occurs to me that it needs to be raised ( other than when you guys mentioned it 15 years ago.). I just asked Nick if he needs to bend down to see himself in the mirror and he said yes. Obviously it's not anywhere near the top of his priorities on the giant To -do list. I guess since he doesn't shave it really isn't an issue unless he needs to pop the rare once a year zit he might get on his face. It will probably stay that height until you giants come to visit us and do it for us.