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Friday, July 11, 2008

Life is just a bowl....

of cherries picked from your own trees. It's cherry time here in Philomath. The Royal Anne cherry tree that we planted when we first moved here in the front yard has outgrown it's semi dwarf description and is abundant in sweet lovely cherries that are easy to pick. The sad old neglected Bing still continues to make a bunch too further out in the side field that used to be a maintained garden.

Henry built his own Lego (duplo) rollarskates today.

Here's a close up. They look great but don't function quite that well. He's working on improving the design.

We recently had out new shed insulated and drywalled. Henry was obsessed with painting it and I thought he meant the outside. Then I realized he wanted to paint the inside. So I gave him his markers and paints and crayons and when I returned he had created this wonderful whimsical murals." These are guys with three heads."

The two guys in the middle are having a "mean guys club" and the happy guy below has an "X" across him " because he is happy and can't be in the mean guy club."
We had a bit of a tantrum when Henry insisted he need the ladder so he could paint on the ceiling too. Somehow that seemed to cross the line of my permissive parenting style. My little Michelangelo will have to wait until he is a little older to do his Sistine Chapel.
I am happy to say that I am NOT at the Saturday Market today. It is expected to be in the mid 90's again today and I suspect iot will be hotter than that in the late afternoon onmy sunny corner. Since it is Country Fair weekend and most people will either be there or staying cool I chose not to suffer for little money. I finally finished a wholesale order this week so I'm feeling comfortable and not in the poorhouse .
I took the kids to the Philomath parade this morning. It was a great small town American experience and I wish I brought my camera to do some good blogging. They have it every year on this weekend because it is the Philomath Frolic and Rodeo weekend. While Eugene is having it's big hippy Country Fair weekend, Philomath is having it's redneck rodeo fun. Lot's of cowboys and horses and rodeo princesses, logging trucks, fire engines, vintage cars, Karate for kids , high school robotics, high school drag racers and every local business with a float.
All of them throwing candy to the kids.
Good times!

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Yum!! Those cherries look delicious!

Love the drawings and the stories behind them! So inventive! The skates are cool too! :)