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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Henry and Max's first circus

Yesterday I took the boys to the rinky dink non PETA approved circus that came to the Benton County Fairgrounds. I took them to Burger King before the circus thinking that it would fill their bellies and delay some possible meltdowns. Apparently Burger King was equally as exciting as the Circus. Henry really loves their burgers and the Nickolodean Burping Toy was the coolest thing ever.
Now onto the circus!

Their first cotton candy.

The essential lady on the ropes.

Henry really wanted to ride the elephant at intermission. He is third from the front.Max said he didn't want to and then regretted it when it was time to get on the elephant but it ws too late to get him a ticket.He survived.
I really hope the elephant doesn't have black eyes from being beaten. They looked really sad to
Elephant butt! The juvenille in me couldn't resist this shot.

The "rare" siberian white tigers. I was worried I would be witnessing one of those terrible tiger- mauls- trainer episodes.

This was the funniest and most pathetic parts of the whole thing.They brought out this big sad bear with the humiliating tutu around his neck. They had him sit in the chair and continuously fed him cookies so that he wouldn't eat the children that were sitting on the other side of the plexi glass wall so they could take their picture with the bear.
He looked like he was having existential angst.
But the cookies must have been good.
Back to the jewelry world.
I decided on the name "Unfurling Tulip Lyre Light Weight Aluminum Shawl Pin".The two people who bought it so far told me they bought it because it looked like a Lyre. I really like the word "Unfurling" though so I stuck that in and it definitely was supposed to be a tulip so I stuck that in there too. So...
Liz and Trista please send me your address and I'd love to send you either this pin or anything else you'd like from our shop if you're not a pin person.
Pamellama and Mimi and Moe's Mom- I totally see the scepter too and like that but decided the Lyre was the way to go. Thanks for your input!
Now back to work. We are one sale away from our 5,000th online sale at Etsy!


Genghis said...

i also remember not wanting to get on the elephant when i was a kid and regretting it. i never got that elephant ride and i still regret it.

Felice Luftschein said...

Well now I'll have to worry that Max will be as damaged as you were by your childhood regrets. When the circus comes to town next year hopefully he'll get another chance to undo this childhood trauma. I know- I'll force him onthe elephant even if he's terrified and tell him he'll regret it if he doesn't do it now! (just joking..)

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

"He looked like he was having existential angst."
LOL! This made my day. Very funny.

Your boys looks so big now! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats on 5000. I just broke 1000 the other day, and I tell ya, it never gets old!

Happy Spring!

Trista Hill said...

Ooooo congrats on your 5000th! That is amazing. And the pin name is so great -- keep up the awesome work!