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Friday, September 25, 2009

Good times....

My parents came to visit two weeks ago. The weather was typically terrible and my Dad caught a cold on the plane (theoretically) and it got passed along to Nick.We still had a good time.

My Mom (Fran) Max and me.

Henry and Grandma Fran enjoying some cookies

It was an opportunity to get a rare family portrait taken at an odd angle so that Nick looks like he is a giant and his head is touching the ceiling.

My crazy kids pulled out the ironing board the other day and started giving each other massages.I don't wear they got that from. I'm assuming it was on some cartoon previously .
Good times....


My Blessings From Above said...

Oh you made me laugh so hard about that picture of Nick being a giant! LOL. What a great visit. I am not showing the boys the ironing borad pictures! I refuse! :o)

Anonymous said...

Max looks like he gives great massages!


cute pictures.