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Monday, June 21, 2010

New Amethyst Earrings and New Sterling Silver Pins



Today I took these pictures and added these Tiny Amethyst Sterling Silver Wirewrapped Bead Earrings.


I also these two new Sterling Silver shawl pins.

Circle With A Twist Sterling Silver Shawl Pin or Brooch


Double Crossed Loops Sterling Silver Shawl Pin or Brooch


I also decided to add a photo of my small chubby man hand (a “Sienfeld” reference to those who know what I mean by “man hand”) holding the pin to get more of a sense of scale with these sweet little pins. These two pins used a little less silver wire than the others and take a little less time to make so they are a little less expensive than the first 5 ones I put in our shop.

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Anonymous said...

So pretty! Kevin and I were just talking about making a trip down to the saturday market sometime this summer... I'll be sure to find you and say hi.