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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The case of the cracking microwave


So the other night around 9pm I was just standing in the kitchen gazing at counter, thinking, hmmmm now what can I eat?

And then without any provocation the glass door to the microwave started crackling and over a period of about 5 minutes the entire door became a web of broken crackled glass. I wasn’t cooking anything- really ! But it was quite a dramatic event.

The next 12 hours were torturous as I had to make use of my pathetic culinary skills without the help of my dear friend the microwave. In the morning my poor son had to wait a whole 30 minutes for his Pizza Hot Pocket to heat up instead of the more desirable 2 minutes plus 2 to cool down. I had to even pull out the trusty saucepan, find the correct lid that fits it, stand next to the stove and cook the popcorn and MOVE my arms. And then it dawned on me that I would even have to heat up the butter in a separate pan. The suffering was immeasurable as I then realized I would have to put all these pans in the dishwasher too! Luckily Nick,my brave hunter husband and provider took on the responsibility of heading out into the cruel world and bringing home a new microwave.

So far the replacement seems to be working and we are back to our luxurious lifestyle to which we had become accustomed. May this never happen to any of you.

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DancingMooney said...

Our oven took a crap on us last week, and while the husby was trying to repair the problem {which meant clipping some wires in the back to replace the broken part} we found out we can no longer get parts for the model we have. Totally annoying and even worse, that I am having to figure out how to feed us without constantly eating out. LOL... someday a new oven. gah! :D