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Friday, September 16, 2011

A miracle occurred…

Ever since we bought our house about 18 years ago my wonderful creative husband has been cleverly hoarding collecting large amounts of “useful” metal things. And many of those things have indeed been useful. But as our lives have changed and the brambles have grown I have been patiently awaiting the day he would get rid of some of the excess. Well yesterday that day came in shape of 2 industrious rednecks with a truck and large trailer in search of metal to take to the scrap yard.  DSC00002

Those friendly yokels hit the mother lode. The scrap metal dudes later told me that when they first arrived Nick was only willing to part with 2 items. Then I got home from picking up the kids at school and as I realized what was occurring a huge smile came across my face. Nick then told them they could take whatever they wanted except for some select things.



They even brought their weedwacker and cleared large chunks of land. They are coming back again tomorrow for more.I love those guys!

And I love my husband.


Lizard said...

oh, wow. that is like the best dream ever-- someone who clears out the crap, does some yard work, and isn't a meth-head who steals everything else in the world! And having the big pile of potentially useful but not that potentially useful shit gone! Woohoo!!

And you can always tell N that now he just has space to acquire more....

Felice Luftschein said...

Exactly Liz!